What we've been up to

As some of you might already know, the Professional Ponds greenhouse closed for the season mid October. Even though we can't be open, that doesn't mean we aren't working! While our build and service teams are busy getting ready for winter, us greenhouse girls are doing some early spring cleaning! 

Part of what we focus on here with our team is everyone’s individual strengths and weaknesses. Our team of guys out in the field our hard workers, great teachers, and real visionaries when it comes to building features. However, when it comes to general housekeeping around the greenhouse, our crew is not the greatest. But that is where the greenhouse girls come in! Britt (being me) and Mariah have been hard at work organizing all our tools, equipment, inventory, etc. etc. etc. Below are pictures showing the results of that hard work!

Here is a before picture of what our shed looked like.