Winter Decorations for your Water Feature

With the holidays quickly approaching, you might be planning out your decorations, indoors and outdoors. Even though it can be a pain, setting up lights and snowmen can be very satisfying personally and it can be a way to show off your creativity to your extended family and neighbors. One of my favorite things about the holiday season is driving around and seeing all the beautiful Christmas decorations.I even remember one year, a neighbor of my synced up his lights to a radio station dedicated to holiday music. 

If you are already putting in the work to decorate the outside of your home, why not try to show off your pond as well? No, I don't mean open up your backyard for strangers, but why not take this opportunity to show off to family and friends?

The only things to keep in mind for those of us in colder climates are making sure your deicer continues to run, and try to not disturb your dormant koi, if you have any. 

My personal favorite idea that I've come across is decorating the trees and rocks that surround your pond (or even make some fake trees with christmas lights if you don't have much foliage), so that it creates a cool reflected affect. 

image (1).png

Our owner, Shane, is ahead of the game and has already set up his decorations! 


For those of you who experience warm weather year round, disturbing your fish isn't as much of a concern and you have more freedom when it comes to decorating around and even in your pond.

image (2).png
image (3).png

Above anything else, the thing that really makes decorations shine and stand are is creativity! It's your home, so make these decorations your own! Here is someone's awesome yard decoration that definitely inspired me! 

image (4).png