Top 10 gift ideas for the pond enthusiast

Whether you like it or not, Christmas is quickly approaching and nothing can stop it! The most common problem I hear about during this time of year is how to know what gifts to give? This can be especially hard for those with a loved one that has hobbies that just aren't "mainstream", even if those hobbies are super cool. 

To help you guys out, I put together a list of ideas for gifts to impress the pond lover in your life. 


  1. A clean-out in the spring!

     Nothing says "I love you" more than helping that special person get their pond started up in March. OK, maybe that isn't true, but getting them a gift card to a local pond specializing company or even donating your time to help them will mean the world to them this Christmas AND a few months later when it's warm enough to get the pond going again!

  2. New pond lighting! 

    Most pond people love to show off their works of art, but, ponds aren't always easily viewed. Cue: lighting! It is the best way to show off your pond in the evenings, especially in the colder months when our days are shorter. 

  3. Upgrading their old equipment! 

    This one is a bit tricky, but if you've noticed that your water-feature hobbyist has been complaining about a certain aspect of their pond recently, it may be time to replace something. The hard part is knowing exactly what needs to be replaced and what to replace it with. Research on pond products is difficult and can take up a lot of time, so make sure to communicate with your pond pal and maybe even seek out the advice of a professional. 

  4. A new pond spitter!

     A little self-explanatory but these mini-fountains can add personality and life to a pond that is on the plain side. There is a wide variety of prices and types so this is something that doesn't have to break the bank. 

  5. Predator decoys! 

    During the rest of the year, one of the biggest problems our customers deal with is predators taking their Koi fish. It is so heartbreaking to lose a beloved pet, especially when they just seem to disappear! Help your Koi fish fan's Koi safe with a decoy or by setting up a fence around the pond. From realistic looking alligators to floating Santas, there are many options to choose from so this gift can still feel personal.

  6.  Digital pH tester! 

    This one is for those who are devoted to not only the health of their fish and plants but also to those who just love to geek out about the science that surrounds us in our daily lives. While a test-tube pH test is considered a necessity for all pond owners, a digital pH tester is much more accurate, fast and durable (not to mention cool!) than the standard pH testing kit. These can be a little pricey but many consider them a "must-have" item. 

  7. A month or two of pond maintenance! 

    While this may not seem like the most glamorous gift to give if your loved one is one of the many who struggles to keep their pond clean of algae during the summer this will save them a lot of time and energy, while at the same time allowing them to enjoy their feature!

  8. Pond vacuum!

     In the water-garden, landscaping and home improvement worlds, there are always going to be those who would just rather do it themselves than hire someone to do it for them (myself included). While that might not always be realistic, there are tools out there that make a huge difference in DIYs. A pond vac is one of them.  

  9. Restock their essentials! 

    This is another tricky one, and I recommend doing this only if you are absolutely sure of what works for their pond and what exactly their needs are. Rightfully so, most people are picky about how their pond looks and what goes into it, so if you want to go this route, make sure that you are 100% sure this is what they want, or maybe just get them a gift card to their local pond shop.

  10. Fish or plants! 

    This idea is a trick, did I fool you? Even though it seems like being able to present your loved one with a cool new fish or plant, in reality it's better to not pick out living things to give to a loved one in any situation, especially this time of year when most aquatic life is dormant. Instead get them a gift card, plain old cash, or let them know you will pay for it in the spring when they can pick it out themselves. 

Hopefully, this list inspired you, and you know exactly what to get that aquatic admirer in your life!