A Lesson Learned

Here at Professional Ponds, we pride ourselves in our level of skills, knowledge and of course, professionalism. With that said, no one is perfect, not even us. One of our team members made an unfortunate mistake that had him in the ER and off work for nearly a month. Casper is one of our best employees and currently has the longest term employment with us. So Casper is no amateur and knows what he is doing, but all it takes is one mistake.


Casper was cutting some liner at a build we were on, and he was not wearing gloves. Instead of cutting the liner, he cut his hand. Casper, thankfully, will make a full recovery in time. Even the pros make mistakes.

I’d like to take this situation to remind anyone who’d like to build their own feature to please use protective equipment. For me, I hate wearing hats, gloves, glasses, etc. It always felt like it is in the way and a waste of my time. However, this is the first incident I have ever been involved in where something like gloves, would have made a big difference, and I’m taking this as a lesson learned.

If you see Casper, be sure to wish him a smooth recovery.