The Mighty Marvin

For those of you that do not know, at our greenhouse, we have a betta fish. He is not for sale but instead is our greenhouse pet. This unique little friend’s name is Marvin.


We got Marvin Thursday, July 10th of this year. He started out pretty shy, not responding to people much and hiding most of the day. Now, he is out and about swimming around as any happy fishy should. He knows when it’s food time and will swim to the top of the tank when he sees you coming.

Marvin also has a companion named Steve. Steve is a ghost shrimp which is very hard to find. We got him to not only keep Marvin company but to eat up some of the algae in their tank. If you look very closely, you might be able to spot him.

Ever since I moved to Colorado, I’ve wanted a pet again so very badly. But I currently live in an apartment with roommates who won’t allow it. Marvin has filled that hole in my life. Some people think fish do not have personalities, but they truly do! Seeing Marvin grow from a shy little betta that hides all day, to one that interacts with his environment, has been such a joy for me. He even interacts with me now when I’m walking by his tank. Ideally, one day I want to get a dog, but for now Marvin in my little betta buddy, and Steve the shrimp too.