My yard, mid build

Transforming your yard into a water feature is not always a pretty process. In the past, we’ve had customers very upset with us mid-build because it seems impossible to believe that the giant black hole we created will turn into anything but a disappointment. Trust us; we get it. There may be pallets full of bricks laying about, large rocks in a heap, filtration boxes here and there, but believe it or not we will turn that ugly mess into something worth every second of the messy yard.

Especially on smaller properties our team sometimes has to be creative in finding room for everything. It may look like a disaster, but the supervisor of the project knows exactly where things are and what they are for.

Here are some photos of a recent project mid-build.

At that point in the project, it really doesn’t look like much. However, even our most epic builds looked similar to this at one point in time. All we ask for is a little patience and your trust that we will deliver what we promised you. Below is the finished product of all the controlled chaos pictured above.