The Magic of Filtration

Our biggest job here at Professional Ponds is not to supply you with aquatic plants, to create unique features from the ground up, or even to supply top quality Koi. It is to keep your feature looking beautiful. The truth of the matter is that whatever your water quality issue is, there is a filter to fix it. Everything from Bio-filters to canister filters and UV lights, there is something out there to work with your feature. In the rare case your problem is something beyond that of filtration, we will address the issue and find a solution. The pond business has been expanding at a rapid pace in the last few years, and with that expansion has come more knowledge and more technology. We are happy to help you navigate all this new information with ease.

All too often we come across features where the builder did not take advantage of the new tech that’s out there, and it is the client who suffers for their neglect. Filtration can almost always be added to any feature, but it is always less costly to have it installed during the build process.

The picture on the left is before we were brought out to this pond, the picture on the right is after we installed the proper filtration. If you are having water clarity, algae or sludge issues with your feature, give us a call or email and we will do everything we can to help!