AquaMeds Armor

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AquaMeds Armor

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ARMOR is an excellent product to use if the “Slime Coat” of your fish has been damaged caused by abrasions from rocks, netting, injecting or breeding activity.

ARMOR helps protect the “Slime Coat” by forming a synthetic slime coat until the fish is able to rebuild its own.

ARMOR’S unique formula restores the damaged “Slime Coat” with a natural double “Slime Coat” protection.

ARMOR’S fast acting protective coating with vitamin E promotes the healing of damaged scales, skin, fins and reduces stress.

  • ARMOR does not hinder fish’s gills or breathing

  • ARMOR should be used anytime the fish are being handled

  • ARMOR removes chlorine, chloramines and heavy metals

  • Not for fish intended for human consumptio