Our maintenance program

Water features are such a joy to have, but they do not take care of themselves. Any water feature is going to need upkeep to keep it at it's best. We are happy to answer any questions on how you can do this yourself, or we can take care of it for you

During our visit to service your feature we will do the following: water tests, empty your skimmer baskets, clean filter pads, backwash your filter, scrub your rocks and reporting the results back to you. As we test the water, we will treat with appropriate water treatments. 

The fees for our maintenance is as follows:

Weekly – $125, Bi-Weekly – $175, Monthly – $225

The price increases due to the likelihood we will be there longer if serviced less frequently. This price does not include the treatments required for your water feature. This is due to each pond varying so much in what treatments it will need.